Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any more questions or concerns.

Other Events

Q: Does Bellevue VBS Host other events through the Year?

A: Yes we do, keep up with us on upcoming events on our Events Page!

Q: What is the Thanksgiving Extravaganza?

A: Come Enjoy a full FREE full fledged Desi Thanksgiving meal, while learning about the history of thanksgiving, playing awesome games, and participating in an Open talent show! Click Here to Sign up today!

Q:What are the Rules for the Talent Show?

A: Click Here for the Detailed List of Rules for the Talent Show

Q: What is Desi Christmas?

A: A Live Christmas Walk through! Step through time to visit the busy City of Bethlehem in the heart of our own Redmond KCLS Library!

General Enquiries

Q: Who or What is Bellevue VBS?

A: We're a group of believers, in Jesus Christ, that God has led to reach out to the community with Jesus Love in the greater Seattle Area! Check out our About Bellevue VBS page for more detailed info.

Q: Who is Bellevue VBS Affiliated with?

A: Bellevue VBS is currently in affiliation with Calvary Chapel Eastside (CCE) Ministries for a Non-Profit Status. Click Here for more detailed information.

Q: Why do we have to make our Checks out to CCE?

A: Bellevue VBS is currently in affiliation with Calvary Chapel Eastside (CCE) Ministries for a Non-Profit Status. This is why we ask you to make out checks or donations to CCE with a Memo to Bellevue VBS. Click Here for more detailed information.

Summer Camp

Q: What does the $25 per Child mean?

A: It means the Cost for ONE Child for the ENTIRE WEEK of Summer Camp is $25.

Q: Can People get Community Service Hours by Volunteering?

A: YES, we welcome teens and adults seeking Community Service. We give a Maximum of 20 hours starting with the Sunday before camp with set up and instructions, and ending on Friday with tear down and clean up of the facility. Please click HERE to contact us for more details or to Volunteer! (disclosure: we do background check ALL our volunteers).

Q; Can we be refunded?

A: Unfortunately No. We do this because Summer Camp by Bellevue VBS is run majorly on a volunteer & donation basis. Materials for the Summer Camp are pre-ordered months ahead of time to save on costs. So, if you desire to be refunded, there is one option to collect all the materials that one's child would receive, on the last day of Camp at 10am.

Please click HERE to contact ahead of time to receive your materials, for a hassle free experience.

REMINDER: When you sign up for summer camp, you agree to these terms beforehand by clicking agree. "FEES: I understand that there will be No Refunds given after registering my Child/Children with Summer Camp by Bellevue VBS programs. "

Q: What do you do at Summer Camp?

A: Kids get a week long fun experience diving into God's word, figuring out moral applications to their lives with Bible based stories, exploring into their creativity with themed crafts, eating their way into yummy theme based snacks, and get their energy boosted with adventure themed Games!