Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any more questions or concerns.

Q: What does the $25 per Child mean?

A: It means the Cost for ONE Child for the ENTIRE WEEK of Summer Camp is $25.

Q: Can People get Community Service Hours by Volunteering?

A: YES, we welcome teens seeking Community Service. We give a Maximum of 20 hours starting with the Sunday before camp with set up and instructions, and ending on Friday with tear down and clean up of the facility. Please HERE to contact us for more details or to Volunteer!

Q; Can we be refunded?

A: Unfortunately No. when you sign up for summer camp, you agree to these terms before hand by clicking agree. "FEES: I understand that there will be No Refunds given after registering my Child/Children with Summer Camp by Bellevue VBS programs. "

Q: Who or What is Bellevue VBS?

A: We're a group of believers that God has led to reach out to the community with Jesus Love in the greater Seattle Area! Check out our About Bellevue VBS page for more detailed info.